Tournament fishing: is an organized competition among anglers. Fishing tournaments typically take place as a series of competitive events around or on a clearly defined body of water with specific rules applying to each event. 

Indiana Tournaments

High School Fishing

High school fishing is one of the fastest growing youth related programs in the United States. High school Tournaments allow students to form clubs and represent their high school competing against other schools. Click below to learn more about High School Fishing; How to join a club, How to create a club, tournament schedule and more! 

College Fishing

Collegiate fishing started right here in Indiana! Indiana University and Purdue University were the first two college fishing clubs in the country and the first to compete in an intercollegiate fishing event in 1982, The Ole Minnow Bucket Tournament. Today, there are thousands of college anglers around the country competing in numerous events for bragging rights, prizes, and even a shot at going Pro! Click the link below for more info as well as schedules and more! 

Team Tournaments

Team tournaments allow anglers to partner up and compete together against other teams. Indiana has a wide range of team tournaments and circuits. Grab a friend and compete against others! Click the link below to learn more about team tournament offerings in Indiana!

Pro-Am Tournaments

Pro-Am tournaments are events that feature a structure consisting of a Pro-Angler and a Co-Angler. The Pro-Angler competes out of their own boat against the other pros while paired up with a Co-Angler who is competing against the other Co-Anglers separate from the Pro side. This allows anglers without boats to get involved in tournaments! Click below for information on Pro-Am styled tournaments offered in Indiana! 

Club Fishing

How it all started. Form or join a club of other anglers to compete against each other! Club tournaments are a great way for anyone to get into tournament fishing. Compete against members of your club to form a Top 8 team that will go on to compete against the other clubs in the state to form a State Team. The Indiana Bass Federation and Indiana B.A.S.S. Nation both offer Top 8 Club events and possibilities of advancing beyond the state level. 

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Tournament & Circuits

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Hoosier Open Tournaments
Team Tournament & Seniors Trail.
$200 Entry per event.
Director: Jeff Rude
Phone: 765-457-3636

Team Schedule:
3-19 Patoka Lake
4-23 Monroe
6-04 Tanners Creek
7-16 Rocky Pt
8-13 Monroe
9-24 Rocky Pt
10-14 Patoka (Classic)
Fishers of Men North
Team Series & Legacy Series
Directors: Fred Lynn (317)281-1125
Steve Neal (765)366-5535

Team Series:
Membership per Angler - $40
Entry Fee Per Team - $150
April 15 - Geist
May 6 - Morse
June 10 - Glen Flint
July 15 - Lake Shafer
August 12 - Raccoon
November 4 - Lake Shafer

Membership Per Angler - $30
Entry Fee Per Team - $80
April 29 - Shafer
May 20 - Waveland
June 3 - Lemon
November 4 - Shafer
Angler's Dream
Team and Singles Bass Tournaments
Membership fee per angler - $40
Entry Fee per event - $140

Angler's Dream offers numerous tournaments in different locations or divisions that can qualify for it's Tournament of Champions - $10,000 First Prize.

Click the link for more information and schedules.
IBF Invitational Trail
Indiana Bass Federation Invitational Trail
Director: Craig Scholle (513) 543-2187

Angler and Co-Angler Structure

Entry Fees: Angler-$150 ~ Co-Angler-$75
March 26 - Patoka
May 21 - Brookville
June 11 - Monroe
July 9 - Tanners Creek
August 20 - Rocky Point
October 1 - Patoka

IBF Club Membership Required or $10 Fee.

Link below for more information!
IBF Top 8s
Indiana Bass Federation Top 8 Qualifier Tournaments.
Qualify for the State Finals to compete for a spot on the State Team for the IBF.

Zone 1
May 20-21 - Wawasee (District 1&2)
April 29-30 - James (District 3&4)

Zone 2
April 29-30 - Patoka (District 5&6)

Zone 3
April 29-30 - Geist/Morse (District 7)
May 6-7 - Brookville (District 8)

Zone 4
April 29-30 - Rocky Pt. (Districts 9&10)

State Tournament
July 22-23 - Wawasee

More Info at link below
BASS Team Trail
Bassmaster Team Championship Trail
Director: Chip Swindell (260) 307-3389

March 18 - Patoka
April 22 - Jeffersonville, Ohio River
May 20 - Geist
June 18 - Wawasee
Indy League Fishing
Major League Fishing Format Tournaments! New exciting way to fish! ILF offers several different circuits all styled after the MLF style.

Kahlo Series: Entry - $250 (more info at link)

ILF/Ohio Open: Entry - $200
May 20 - Indian Lake

ILF Ohio High School Challenge:
June 17 - Clear Fork Reservoir

Many more exciting series! Check out their website for more information and to get into league fishing!
IBN High School
Indiana B.A.S.S. Nation High School
Director: Troy Gorham (317)435-2130

Date              Location
April 9            Morse
April 23          Brookville
May 7             Geist
May 21           Monroe
July 9              Raccoon (State)
Cataract Tuesday Nighters
Cataract Lake Tuesday Night Tournaments.
Director: Marc Fishburn (812)821-3368

Location: Cunot Boat Ramp
Time: 5:30-9:30 (Registration at 5)
Entry Fee Per Boat: $30
Big Bass Per Boat: $10
100% Payback
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