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1. Gear - Settings (Bottom Left)

2. Traditional Sonar

3. Down Scan

4. Side Scan

5. Internet Link (Top Right)

6. Exit App (Bottom Right)

The Fishindy logo is not a button.

Settings - Control Scheme

Chose which control scheme you want to use to control the boat!

1. Buttons (Touchscreen Directional Buttons)

2. Swipe (Swipe on screen to control the direction and movement of boat)

3. Touch (Touch on the terrain to turn the boat and automatically drive to that spot)

4. Wheel and Throttle (Touch controls Wheel on Left Side, Throttle on Right Side)

If at first you are confused by the movement of the boat try another control scheme method then let us know your opinion so we can adapt! 

Traditional Sonar

Traditional 2D Sonar Simulation. Easily visualize the area of return for sonar images by controlling the boat in this 3d environment.


Visibility - Toggle water visibility

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Down Scan

Down Scan High Definition Sonar Simulator. See the difference between High-Definition and Traditional Sonar 2D Views and data collection "cones" and narrow beams. 


Visibility: Toggle water clarity

Learning: Toggle learning mode off/on (Learning mode shows items in distinguishable colors compared to the traditional 1 color that electronics display)

Side Scan

Side Scan Simulator. 

Maneuver the boat around underwater structure and fish to see how different objects appear on a side scan display from various angles and speeds. 


Visibility: Toggle Water Clarity

Learning: Toggle Learning Mode On/ Off (Learning mode colors each item differently on the display screen to assist with learning)

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