Tournament Information

We are currently in the process of compiling and posting information in regards to Indiana tournaments in our Tournament section of the website. One of the biggest complaints we have taken notice of is that it can be difficult for people to find out more information about available tournaments and the various circuits that exist in Indiana. We are trying to provide a solution to that problem, so far we have a few of the circuits posted already here with tournament dates and details relating to the tournaments and are in the process of adding more still.

Our goal is to have at least the basic information and the contact information posted for basically every open tournament in Indiana, but we cannot get that done without a little bit of cooperation from tournament directors and supporters. If you are a director of a tournament or know a director for a tournament or circuit that you cannot find listed in our Tournaments section, please, we ask that you help get that information to us! It will help people find that tournament and get signed up to fish!

If you have information on a tournament or circuit that is not already posted we ask that you please submit some basic information to us.

What we need:

1. Tournament Director:

2. Contact Method / Phone Number:

3. Costs Associated:

4. Tournament Dates and Location:

5. Website Link or Entry Form Document:

In the future we plan on expanding this section of the website to include more in depth information about special offerings and highlighted events. Tournament directors can get in contact with us for more information about getting their circuit or event featured.

We thank you for your patience as we continue to update our listings and hope to see you on the water soon!