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Jacob Wheeler

yOUR Story

You know your story better than anyone else, let me help you tell it.

Social Media Management

 Manage all Social Media Sites

Post regularly, engage audience

Follow Trends. Research Analytics

Explore new tools, build audience

Earn Revenue 

Content Creation

Professional Digital Media Production

Strategic Marketing Media Management

Fast-Paced Video Production

Steady supply of Exclusive Content 

Website Maintained Daily

Make Money Online

Utilize available channels to earn revenue through the internet. Explore new possibilities when they arise. Be innovative in the use of YouTube Ads, Affiliate Product Sales, Website Subscription, Content Creation Pledging, Cell Phone Applications, etc

Integrated Marketing

Align marketing efforts across all platforms to better connect to audience and to grow following. Engage audience in new and innovative ways to strengthen "brand". Aggressive Social Media Marketing Strategies. 

Video Production

Video is King in Media. Produce content regularly to help grow audience and to earn Ad Revenue from YouTube. Produce Exclusive content for website use only. Sponsor related video segments. Various video styles (Vlog, Action Film, Documentary, etc) Capable of recording + editing + producing several videos a day.

Website Management

Develop interactive website to post content to regularly. Keep galleries and all information pages up to date and update website with content on a regular basis. Focus is on advertising the "membership" section of the site with exclusive access to special videos, photos, apps, info, and more!

Why Me?

Management & Marketing Graduate from IU Bloomington. 6 Month Internship with 811 Outdoors on Pursuit Outdoors. 5+ Yrs Exp in Fishing Business. Technology Guru with a software engineer for a dad. Helped me create Sonar Fundamentals, plan on creating more Fishing Relating Software (Jacob Wheeler App can be made very easily). Throughout my education I always related lessons back to fishing to try to maximize my true learning potential.

My Dream

I have dreamed of working with fishing media and marketing for years but have struggled getting into it while going to school in Indiana with the major lack of businesses and opportunities around. I have prepared my entire life for this exact sort of opportunity. I am a tech junky who is obsessed with tournament fishing who would give anything for a shot at making it my reality. Seeing you living out your dream inspires me that much more and together I believe we can really make an impact. 

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