Sonar Fundamentals Beta Installation

Invitation Link via E-Mail

You should have received an E-Mail from Fish Indy with your Beta-Test Invitation! 

1. Click on the GOOGLE PLAY INVITE LINK first. Click "become a tester" 

You are now a tester!

Now that you are a tester you can use your PROMO Code

2. Follow the link from the e-mail labeled PROMO CODE DOWNLOAD LINK


2. Type in your assigned Promo Code in the Google Play Store -> Redeem Code

Install Sonar Fundamentals

3. Click on INSTALL to install the app onto your device.

Click Accept to Install

4. Click accept... Download is around 35mb in size.

Open Application

5. Click OPEN to open the app.

The app will also appear in your "APPs" Section of your android device. You can UNINSTALL from this page in the google play store as well. 

Use the app!

Now the application is installed! From the main menu there are several different buttons. 

The center 3 buttons start the various sonar mode simulations. (Traditional + Down Scan + Side Scan)

The Gear in the bottom left is the "Settings" Button: Toggle control methods

The Glove image in the top right of the screen is a link to


Submit Feedback!

Use our forums to submit any feedback you have about the app or to start a discussion! The Sonar Fundamentals section of the forum is accessible only by other testers.

Post's in this section will remain hidden until a Moderator acknowledges them and either takes care of it or makes it public for discussion. Please submit anything that you feel is worthy of contributing! Positive, Negative, Constructive, whatever we want it all! 

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