Fishing Electronics

Fishing technology has come a long way since the days of topographic maps and lining up trees. Today, fish finders can be used to help anglers catch more fish. With high definition side scanning technology, high definition down scanning technology, and sonar with chirp, anglers are able to see what exactly is under the water. Being able to see under the water allows you to target specific structure that holds your target fish, as well as actually being able to see the fish.


The number one most important part to being successful while using your electronics is being confident in what your electronics show you. The single largest challenge faced in understanding what you are seeing on your fishing electronics is not being able to turn around and actually see what is under the water, so you are left with only the image that you see on your graphs. To really be able to understand the technology and to interpret the image you are seeing into useful information you really need to know what it is you are seeing and that can be difficult unless you are in crystal clear water...

Until now.

What if you were able to see exactly what is under the water and how it appears on your graphs in real time? 

What if there was a way to simulate fish finding technology on your phone or computer?

What if you could interact with that same exact simulation and drive a boat equipped with side scanning, down scanning, and sonar technology? 

Until now, you would have had to listen to a "pro" give a spoken seminar about how they interpret electronics, they may have even been an advanced speaker and given examples or used diagrams to show how your imaging units work.. Or you could watch a video online showing someone else's setup in a recording that again, does not show you exactly what the underwater structure looks like... These archaic teaching methods allow for way too many questions and what-ifs as they may be very specific. 

Here at Fish Indy, over the past few years we have specialized in hands-on lessons which requires meeting at a body of water and getting out on the water and demonstrating the capabilities and explaining why certain things are appearing the way they are. We have to rely heavily on good weather, and synchronization of schedules to appropriately teach people about their electronics. Faced with these problems, we set out to find a new innovative way to achieve the same goal, teach people how to understand sonar technology.

We have a solution to the problem, but we need your help!

Fish Indy Sonar Simulator App

What? Interactive realistic sonar simulator phone app

Why? Accessible by anyone with a smart phone, no boat or lake required

How? App Store + Online Download

Summary: Interactive 3D simulator of fish finding technology. Take the wheel of a boat equipped with realistic sonar technology on a body of water with realistic 3D Environments. See exactly how the various technologies scan the environment and how they display on the fish finder screens exactly like top leading brands of fish finders. Maneuver the boat to scan the environments at different angles and speeds to see how the various approaches change how things appear on the screens. Learn how various structures appear on fish finders as well as vegetation and even fish!  

Status: Beta Testing

We are current beta testing the phone application and are looking for individuals who would like to help us improve the learning experience through our application by testing and supplying feedback and suggestions! For more info please contact 

Due to the nature of applications in the testing phase, we ask that all of our beta testers agree to keep all comments private with us and other beta testers. We ask that you give us constructive feedback whether it be negative or positive, and any and all problems be reported directly to us so that we can improve the app. In this beginning stage we hope to work out any bugs and kinks that may arise as well as improve the overall experience and learning capabilities.