Fish Indy is about family. Terry started Fish Indy with family in mind. When faced with the possibility of fishing on tour Terry chose family over the road. Terry started Fish Indy so he could be there for his growing family while also sharing his love for fishing with others. 

Small mouth bass fishing just minutes from the Indianapolis International Airport on the White River. Fish Indy has had hundreds of successful trips, thousands of small mouth bass caught, and an endless amount of memories forged. Fish Indy has perfected the art of river fishing and has made it possible for everyone to enjoy. Are you ready for your next unforgettable fishing trip?

After years of providing excellent fishing trips and forging memories that will last a life time with numerous guests, Terry has retired from guiding to focus on his own competitive fishing circuits and to spend more time with his family. Terry continues to guide and to coach many young anglers and is always around to help whenever a young angler needs assistance. Terry's oldest grandson, Brody, has fished alongside Terry since he could walk. Brody started tournament fishing with his grandfather at the age of 7. Naturally, over the next decade or so they were basically inseparable, fishing as many team tournaments as possible and traveling the country competing in a variety of circuits, Grandson became like Grandfather. Over the years Brody has learned the techniques and how to target bass like his grandfather. After experiencing some health problems, Terry, decided that it was best to slow down and to focus on health and family, allowing Brody to take his place and to aim Fish Indy in a new direction. Brody, an extremely tech savvy graduate of Indiana University, has always been obsessed with technology and specifically fishing technology ever since the day he laid eyes on the first fishing side scan technology. Brody's father, Dennis, is a computer software engineer and a technology nerd at heart. With a tech guru as a father and a fishing guru as a grandfather, Brody had an unrivaled advantage in being able to understand and learn new fishing technology as it has progressed. With years of experience with the newest and hottest equipment due to having a guide as a grandfather and team partner, and years of computer and coding experience with his father, he has been able to reach a level of understanding that only very few possess. 

Like his grandfather, Brody is all about sharing the joy of catching fish with others and strives to help others as much as possible. Brody, since revamping Fish Indy, has began focusing more on the technological side of bass fishing, things along the lines of fish finders, equipment, fishing software, tech gadgets, cameras, media production, etc. While studying management and marketing at Indiana University, he began to offer Electronics Lessons for all makes and models of fish finders. Being only minutes away from Lake Monroe with a boat of his own with top end fish finders from various manufacturers, years of experience, and a plethora of clients with all sorts of electronic setups, Brody has experience with almost every kind of setup imaginable. His passion for helping others goes beyond that of the average "fishing guide", in the world of social media and the internet, he has been able to help many more people with specific technical problems and questions and has been a regular consultant to many for all of their fishing tech needs. Through Fish Indy, Brody continues to offer electronics lessons and the traditional furnished fishing day trips, along with a variety of other services focusing on digital media. Fish Indy now offers Photo and Video production for events, companies, individuals, teams, and more. Consultation, Equipment consultation, as well as marketing consultation for entrepreneurs of all sorts, is another thing that Fish Indy excels at. We love innovation, and if there is any way we can help you, you can be sure we will find it, whether it be assisting with managing a tournament, marketing a circuit, improving your online presence, and much more. 

Meet The Team

Terry McWilliams


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Retired IN State Police

Retired Fishing Guide

2007 Bassmaster Classic 4th Place

Matt McCoy


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2012 Bassmaster Classic Qualifier

2012 BASS Nation Northern Champ

Brody McWilliams


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Collegiate Angler - Indiana University

Management - Marketing

2013 B1G Champion